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NARA Bình Tiên Golf And Beach Resort

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How did Trung Nam Group revive the Binh Tien - Ninh Thuan resort project after more than 10 years of abandonment?

Binh Tien Company was established on November 17, 2005.
The founding shareholders were also gradually revealed, including: Hanoi Housing Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Habubank) contributed 60 billion VND, owning 10%; Mefrimex Technology Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (Mefrimex) contributes 120 billion VND, owns 20%; Mr. Duong Van Nguyen contributed VND 258 billion, owning 43% and Mr. Nguyen Nam Linh contributed VND 162 billion, owning 27%. In which, Mr. Duong Van Nguyen (SN 1947) holds the position of general director and representative of Binh Tien.

In which, Trung Nam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company also holds 163,161 shares (par value of 1 million VND/share), of this enterprise.

According to the proposed plan, from now to the end of 2022, the company will focus all human and material resources to complete the 18-hole golf course and golf club, and build hill villas and villas. golf course villas, duplex villas in the north area and duplex villas along TL702.

In the second phase, from 2023 to 2024, the company will complete and put into operation a 5-star standard golf hotel, a beach hotel, a 6-star mixed entertainment area and public service facilities. add. The investor will also put into operation a 6-star standard Ca Tien cape hotel and special villas and commercial townhouses.

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